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Ontology Based

The use of ontology to effectively combine data from multiple heterogeneous sources

CRF Designer

A powerful and intuitive tool to create, edit, and delete case report forms (CRFs)

Trial Builder

The design phase is facilitated by the Trial Builder in which all aspects of a clinical trial can be specified

CRF Repository

Library of CRFs to preserve the knowledge and expertise invested in CRF development

Modular Design

Set of distinct clinical trial management tools that can be plugged together


Interface to manage Serious Adverse Event (SAE) and Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSAR)


Biorepository to manage the storage of biological samples

Audit Trail

Audit trails and
Audit trail reports
audit trail reports to ensure quality of study data


Adanced interfaces to elaborate the clincial trial protocol (objectives, design, methodology, etc.)

Study Events

Define event type and select CRFs that are associated with the event

Data Export / Import

Data Export / Import (CSV, CDISC ODM XML, etc.) interfaces and tools

Rights & Roles

Administration and management of clinical trial team responsibilities and roles

ObTiMA Overview

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ObTiMA is an ontology-based clinical trial management system intended to support clinicians in both designing and conducting clinical trials.

The design phase is facilitated by the Trial Builder in which all aspects of a clinical trial can be specified: A trial chairman can define the outline and metadata of a trial in a master protocol to describe, e.g., trial goals or administrative data. He can further setup treatment plans for guiding clinicians through individual patient treatment where events, e.g., surgery or chemotherapy, can be defined with all necessary information. In addition, the particular treatment order can be freely setup on a timeline and so can treatment stratifications and randomizations to be applied for a patient.
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Research Projects

ObTiMA is a research based platform actively developed and widely used in real clinical settings to achieve the goals of the following main research projects:


'p-medicine - From data sharing and integration via VPH models to personalized medicine' project is aiming at developing new tools, IT infrastructure and VPH models to accelerate personalised medicine for the benefit of the patient.


MyHealthAvatar is built on the latest ICT technology with an aim of engaging public interest to achieve its targeted outcomes.


iManageCancer, or 'Empowering patients and strengthening self-management in cancer diseases', will team serious games up with the latest in self-management technology to empower people living with cancer.

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